Bonus Entries

Below are the bonus entries I’ve done, and the conditions/challenges associated with me doing them. Feel free to guess what each one is.

These special entries are not necessarily from southern New England, either.

1. Mystic: Finish RIPTA (1/1)
2. Coastal Link: Finish three RTAs (3/3)
3. ???: Review South Station (0/1)
4. ???: Review all downtown MBTA transfer stations (Downtown Xing, Park St., State St., Haymarket, and Govt. Center) (0/5)
5. ???: Review every Silver Line (MBTA) route and station (29/39)
6. ???: Review all northside Commuter Rail stations and lines (everything accessible from Boston North) (3/63)
7. Greenwich stations (MNRR): Complete two Connecticut RTAs (2/2)
8. ???: Review Route 128, Anderson/Woburn, Braintree, Quincy Adams, Alewife, South Norwalk, and Merritt 7 (4/7)
9. ???: Review every station with “union” in the name (2/5)
10. ???: Review the entire Hartford Line, route and stations (0/10)
11. ???: Review every Old Colony station (2/16)
12. ???: Review every Metro-North branch line and station in Connecticut (2/41)
13. BEACON OF LIGHT, BEACON OF HOPE!!!: Review everything (inc. all 12 other entries above this one, AND all the otherwise “unreachable” stations/routes such as Pittsfield. Guest entries count.)