Various SL2 street stops (MBTA)

Alright, guess I’ve resorted to reviewing literal street signs. Yikes. Where are they? Let’s see:
– Northern Ave. at Harbor St.
– Northern Ave. at Tide St.
– 23 Drydock Ave.
– 27 Drydock Ave.
– Drydock Ave. at Black Falcon Ave.
– Drydock Ave. at Design Center

Six bus shelters and street signs. But, since they’re part of the Silver Line, they count.

Near one of the Northern Ave. stops
The other Northern Ave. stop
23 Drydock
27 Drydock – it’s just a sign!
Drydock at Design Center. Yeah, I missed the Black Falcon sign when photographing all of them

They’re all literal street signs or bus shelters. I don’t have anything to say about these.

The good: The SL2 stops at all these, for what it’s worth

The bad: There’s nothing to say. It’s literally just a generic sign/shelter.

Nearby points of interest: Design Center and the seaport area.

Transit connections: MBTA bus route 4. That’s literally all other than the SL2.

Yeah, I got nothing to add. 1/10 rating for all these.


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