60 (East Bay – part 2)

Alrighty, remember how when I did the 60 initially a little ways back, I went down the East Main branch? Well, since I’m covering every RIPTA route, the West Main branch also has to be touched on. Okay? I know it’s not going to be the most enjoyable, but it’s a necessary evil nevertheless.

Oh no, not Comic Sins

The West Main section begins at the intersection of Boyd’s Lane and Bristol Ferry Road in Portsmouth, after the Mt. Hope Bridge, and as the name suggests, goes down West Main Road. However, unlike the East Main branch, which deviates into a park & ride lot on Boyd’s Lane, the West Main branch deviates twice: once into a naval facility, and again into Bayview Apartments. Scenery is largely rural, like with the East Main branch. The route joins with the 24L at Rte. 24, where it came express from Tiverton and Fall River. Meanwhile, the route keeps going down West Main and Bristol Ferry Road until it joins up with the East Main branch at the East/West Main split in Middletown.

Whole lotta woods!
Portsmouth senior center!
More woods, oh my!
Some apartments, I think
The car museum. It was also quite rainy today.
I think this might be a church, but I’m probably very wrong.
A side street. Thanks, rain.
Oh god, this is even worse
Oxbow Apartments!
No deviation for you!
An empty field near East Main
Also near East Main
Met up with East Main here. At least this one’s clear!

Opinions below are on this branch specifically and not the route at-large.
The good: It’s a straight shot to the places served here, with no other service. There’s also deviations into an apartment complex and a naval facility.

The bad: Buses every 2 hours on weekends and every hour on weekdays can be a bit painful. However, half-hour frequency during the morning and evening rush!

Nearby points of interest (exclusive to here): You have the NUWC facility, along with places like Oxbow Apartments in walking distance. You also have Bayview Apartments.

Change from original rating: None.


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