World Trade Center/BCEC (Silver Line)

So, Courthouse was grossly overridden with construction. What about its neighbor, World Trade Center (or WTC/BCEC, as I’ll call it going forward in this post)?

The mezzanine

Alrighty, so the mezzanine is far better than Courthouse’s, with only an escalator being down instead of 90% of the mezzanine. Unfortunately, there’s no in-station access to the World Trade Center or BCEC, and unlike Courthouse at least this station is built to accommodate whatever conventions happen at either the WTC or BCEC. There’s also a bridge over the busway so you can look down on the buses. One can also look outside to, well, the outside world. There’s also a map of both the entire rapid transit system and the Silver Line system specifically in the mezzanine, below the countdown clock.

The outbound countdown clock is kinda useless
The outside world!
Helvetica bold!
The busway from above!
One of the entrances to the station
Looking through the fence

The good: It’s an important stop along the Silver Line, serving both the WTC and BCEC. Even the bus announcements acknowledge the presence of the BCEC.

The bad: During times without any conventions or events at either the WTC or BCEC, the station doesn’t have the best of ridership figures. 1500 daily boardings in 2019. Yes, it’s pre-pandemic, but still. However, WTC/BCEC is built to accommodate any spikes in ridership due to conventions or expos, so the station feeling overbuilt makes sense, unlike Courthouse.

Nearby points of interest: Uhhhh, the BCEC and WTC? Duh.

Transit connections: Silver Line (SL1, SL2, SL3, SLW)

Overall, while it seems like a boondoggle, and pointlessly overbuilt like Courthouse, it really isn’t. Most times, yes, it’s too big, but the space is important for any conventions and whatnot.

Rating: 7/10


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