New Haven Green (CTtransit)

So, it’s come to this. I’m reviewing a literal park that happens to be a bus station, and CTtransit’s New Haven hub. Well, whatever.

Not very green!

So, I took the 201 into New Haven from Branford, and after having a convo with an old lady who used to visit RI regularly in her youth, we arrived. Now, this was the Green? Well, it’s part of the New Haven divison’s hub, so I guess so. But, to get to the Green itself, you have to walk a couple of blocks northbound. So, I walk the few blocks, passing a Dunkin’, and finally make it.

Yup. Still in New England.
Welcome to New Haven

So, it’s a park. That’s it. A park, with bus berths shoehorned in around its perimeter. They aren’t even lettered or numbered distinctly for ease of wayfinding, and even if they are, why the hell is one of them a couple of blocks south at the intersection of Church and George Streets?! At least there’s a CTtransit ticket and information office here.

Some berths far away
And close by!
The ticket office

The good: Well, it’s in the heart of downtown New Haven. Plus, it’s got a ticket office that, unlike Kennedy Plaza’s, is actually open and servicable.

The bad: No, no, NO! You literally have TWO train stations nearby! Why couldn’t the hub be at either instead?! Furthermore, why aren’t the berths labelled for wayfinding? Actually, why isn’t there much in the way of wayfinding, at all?! Only reason I was even able to find the Union Station shuttle was because it stood out clearly from all the other buses, but if you’re unfamiliar with the area, how the heck are you supposed to easily find out which stop is which when all the berths are unlabelled?!

Nearby points of interest: Yale! You’re also quite close to State St. and Union Stations, along with Worcester- wait, it’s spelt “Wooster”? Oh shit, neat. Wooster Square, sorry. Gateway CC is also nearby. I’m not very familiar with downtown New Haven, though.

Transit connections: CTtransit (most New Haven routes)

Overall, just why? This should be a proper bus station, not a park with bus berths lining the primeter. Does this even make rush hour traffic awful???

Rating: 3/10 (though it seems like a 7.5/10 as a park!)


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