Nubian (Silver Line)

Alrighty, another “station”. But, fortunately, this one’s actually more of a proper station than a dinky lil’ bus shelter along a non-BRT route. So, how is Nubian?

Oh dear God

So, it’s complex enough to where some of the berths aren’t exactly clearly labelled. Furthermore, this is the main bus station for central Roxbury. It also feels a bit dark, despite the absurd amounts of lighting, though that’s probably because it was a rainy day when I was here. So, what else is there? There’s a transit police kiosk here, and a “Dudley Station Bus Finder” from …2007?! Yikes.

The SL5 that a friend and I got off of
Part of the station
MBTA transit police kiosk!

The good: Well, it’s kinda cool they used parts of the old Orange Line station to build this. Furthermore, you can’t say ridership is bad because this place was CROWDED (even though the pictures don’t do it justice). It’s also centrally located in Roxbury.

The bad: It’s kinda dark with the lighting being useless during the day! I’m sure it’s there to discourage crime, since it’s not in the best of areas, but still it’s kinda useless. Furthermore, why isn’t the Silver Line in its own ROW outside mixed traffic here?! Now, I know, that’s a major complaint with the Silver Line as a whole but still. Also, why is the station map from 2007?! There’s also no amenities that I could find.

Nearby points of interest: Not much at first glance, but you have the Roxbury branch of the Boston Public Library, though!

Transit connections: MBTA bus (various), SL4, SL5

Overall, I’d argue this place is pretty much Boston’s Kennedy Plaza. If you’re comfortable at Kennedy Plaza, you’ll likely be comfortable here. That said, unlike KP, there’s no bathrooms or, to my awareness, benches or seats.

Rating: 6.5/10


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