A very Green Winter (Part 4 – Magoun Square)

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Alrighty, Magoun Square! So, everyone got off the train and went with Miles and co. to check it out. Here’s what I’ve found.


Of course, it’s a copy-paste of Ball Square largely. You’ve got a Pedal & Park, elevators (redundant, as there’s no ramp or grade crossing access!), no bathrooms, and some art. There’s also vending machines, and not a lot else. It’s pretty much where the Somerville bike path (still under construction, as of writing this) branches off from the GLX and meanders towards Davis Square and Alewife. Also, the station has lights that resemble tongs, so some added character? Sure!

Elevators and facing southbound!
“Salad tongs!”
– Miles

The good: It’s a short walk from Magoun Square proper! It’s also pretty much waist-deep in a residential neighborhood, so that should help with easing car dependency.

The bad: Pretty much the same issues as Ball Square, minus the grade crossing. It uses the honor system, and has no restrooms like at Medford.

Nearby points of interest: The station’s namesake, of course! There’s also the Somerville bike path which heads towards Davis Square and Alewife.

Transit connections: Green Line (E), MBTA bus (88 & 90 on Highland Ave., 80, 89, 93 @ Broadway)

Overall, there isn’t much special here. It’s not bad for a station, it’s serviceable, and it’s just “good”. Nothing to really ring home about.

Rating: 7/10


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