Chinatown (Orange Line)

So, we go from the end of the line to the middle of downtown Boston. Let’s look at Chinatown, shall we?


So, the platform is a little dark, but the signage is also shiny weirdly. But, hey, I’ll take it. Fare control is a little small as well, and there’s stairs and elevators up to Washington and Essex Streets. Yeah, not a lot to talk about with the mezzanine, but it’s your standard affair. The headhouses are also alright, with patterned fencing things. However, there’s one major issue: no free crossovers. Yeah, that’s a yikes. But hey, it’s likely you’ll encounter tourists here along with the SL4 and SL5 at street level! Except there’s no shelter or anything. Oh well! Apparently there’s also a pair of abandoned entrances, but I didn’t seem to find them on street level.

A little blurry, eh?
And the Oak Grove side (thanks Brooke!)
A headhouse!

The good: Well, it’s in a tourist destination (Chinatown), although relative to others it’s not that big a place. But, still, Boston’s Chinatown is still a place worth checking out if you have the time.

The bad: No free crossovers?! WHY?! Also, the lackluster Silver Line stop. I couldn’t even tell at a quick glance due to the lack of signage or shelters!

Nearby points of interest: Well, you’ve got Chinatown! Alternatively, Boston Common is a stone’s throw away as is Boylston, along with a few theaters.

Transit connections: Orange Line, SL4, SL5, MBTA bus (11, 15)

Overall, it’s not the best of stations. Yeah, I’m not sure what it is with downtown stations just overall being grade A trash seemingly, but this fits the bill. Hopefully that changes when I check out the transfer stations and Tufts Medical later down the road. Just maybe…

Rating: 4/10

The gate!

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