Coolidge Corner (Green Line)

I did not know much about Coolidge Corner going into this entry, aside from that it seemed like a cool place. OH BOY, would this place pretty much change my opinion of Brookline from “meh, ’tis only suburbia” to “HOLY CRAP this is a decent place!” Now, let’s get into it.


Coolidge Corner, at the end of the day, is a street stop at the intersection of Beacon and Harvard Streets in Brookline. However, it does have a bit going for it vs. most other street stops. For one, you have a sizable old town-style shelters, with matching signage. Neat! Further along, you also have a singular bus connection, the 66 to Harvard or Nubian and…..FLIXBUS?! Yeah, I didn’t see any Flixbus buses, but I guess there’s an intercity bus connection.

Here’s your damn Flixbus!

Of course, I have a thing for historic European old town aesthetics, to which Coolidge Corner seems to fit quite well. Obviously, there’s better places, but this seems to be the best to my awareness before crossing into “tourist trap” territory. It’s also walkable! Like, GOD, the S.S. Pierce Building really adds to the vibes this area gives off!

The Green Line shelter
The S.S. Pierce Building and a train
See ya!
A nonrevenue equipment move and the building

The good: It’s just got that historic old town energy going for it! Like, GOD, do I love it! It’s also quite wide and spacious for a street stop, with its staggered stop placement on either side of an S bend through Harvard Street. Also, the 66 and Flixbus stops here. There’s also plenty in the way of shopping.

The bad: No shelters for the 66 and Flixbus! Yeah, it’s minor, but there’s not a lot to complain about here.

Nearby points of interest: Mostly shopping. A friend was with me and dug around Brookline Books for at least 40 minutes. There’s also the S.S. Pierce building.

Transit connections: Green Line (C), MBTA bus (66), Flixbus

Overall, I really like this station and it’s objectively probably best in class. Riding the rest of the C branch had nothing special for most other stations, same is true for the E branch, while the B branch just looks like a nightmare on Street View. I also just like the vibes the neighborhood gives off in general.

Rating: 10/10. Yeah, this one gets an ace.

The Boston skyline looms ahead…

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