Beaconsfield (Green Line)

Bustitutions? What are those? Well, I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter because they never stop here! Welcome to Beaconsfield, children!

See ya!

So, what’s special about Beaconsfield? Well, it’s so small you can’t bustitute it! One side has a heated waiting area typical of the branch, while the other lacks in amenities a bit. Unsurprising, as most people probably aren’t going outbound from here. Well, either way, you got a small amount of parking too making this technically a park & ride! Woohoo!!! Oh yeah, there’s an on-foot transfer to Dean Road on the C branch too. Neat.

Looking towards Riverside!

The good: It’s a small station primarily for the local residents! Also, it’s nice and quiet, which is to be expected being deep in a residential neighborhood in Brookline.

The bad: It’s not accessible! It also doesn’t help the nearest stations (all on the C branch) aren’t accessible either! Also, it is annoying how D branch bustitutions bypass this station entirely, though to be fair the local streets are absolutely TINY.

Nearby points of interest: Eh, not much. There’s a playground at least.

Transit connections: Green Line (D)

Overall, it’s alright, however the biggest issue I got with this station is the lack of accessibility. In general, I just don’t have a lot to note about it.

Rating: 6/10


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