Revere Beach (Blue Line)

There are a number of beaches in and around greater Boston. For one, you have the beaches in South County in Rhode Island. In Massachusetts proper, you have the likes of Sandy Beach in Cohasset, Nantasket Beach in Hull, George Lane Beach in Weymouth, Wollaston Beach in Quincy, and Front Beach in Rockport. However, none of them are readily accessible from the subway system. Meet: Revere Beach, the only beach readily accessible from the subway system. Yeah, Wonderland has a walkway, but Revere Beach is pretty much right on the beach itself.

We don’t need Helvetica here!

So, Revere Beach was rebuilt in the mid 1990s for accessibility. Platforms are your standard bench and wastebasket affair, with countdown clocks. I will say, though, I do like how there’s mosaics on the bottom of the signs mimicking the Helvetica signage. Going up to the mezzanine, it’s shiny and relatively modern, with elevators here. There’s also access to the street on both sides, with one bringing you to a walkway, and the other to the beach and Ocean Ave. via a medical building. They do have a mask requirement, so if you’re the kind who doesn’t like being harassed over masks, I wouldn’t recommend this way. As for bus connections, they’re found on North Shore Road. Most routes come from Wonderland, but the 411 comes from the Jack Satter House towards Malden. And, I’ll also note the smell of the ocean is VERY apparent when you step off the train here. As one last fun aside: there used to be an AMUSEMENT PARK around here. Really sad!

See ya!
The platforms
Above shot!
The mezzanine
One of the entrances
A side street on the footpath
The “main” entrance

The good: It’s really close to the beach, and the convenience can’t be beat! It’s also modern, being rebuilt in the ’90s.

The bad: Eh, hospital signage could be better! As could the bus connections!

Nearby points of interest: Take a hint.

Transit connections:
Blue Line
MBTA bus (110, 117, 411 on North Shore Rd.)

Overall, decent station, I’d prefer this to Wonderland for the shorter distance to the beach. And, that’s a hill I’ll DIE on. Although, the bus connections could be better signed in the station, as could the station from outside the MGH facility. Aside from that, it’s pretty much perfect.

Rating: 10/10


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