Four Corners/Geneva Ave. (MBTA)

Up next on the Fairmount Line, is Geneva Ave- wait, what? OH, it’s FOUR CORNERS/Geneva Avenue, okay! Got it. So, let’s look at Geneva-Four Corners.


So, of course, the platform is your standard Fairmount Line affair. Pitch in! Benches exist on the ramps as usual, there’s shelters, yellow dot matrix signs, and it’s partly residential partly urbanized. However, unlike the other stations, the platforms are staggered on either side of Geneva Avenue. However, you can still access both platforms, from both Washington Street and Geneva Avenue. Speaking of that, you also have bus connections on both streets with the 19 on Geneva Ave. and the 23 on Washington St. Neat! There’s also an anemic amount of parking, as typical for the line, but face it: why would you bring your car here?

The outbound platform from the inbound one!
A head start school!
That’s a long ramp!
Further down the ramp! And yes, that’s a playground for the school!
BUS connection
Outbound entrance on Geneva Avenue!
These stairs reeked of PISS!
Looking towards Readville!
The Washington Street overpass!
I think I’ll pass on the stairs.
Washington Street & the bus connection!
This is even worse because there’s a DIRT PILE.
Geneva Avenue’s parking up close
Another look at Geneva Ave.!
An outbound!

The good: It’s got amenities! CharlieCard readers, wastebaskets, benches, and it’s sheltered! Also, the outbound side’s ramps being sheltered is a nice touch as well, and it feels nice being in the middle of the woods (despite being in the heart of Dorchester!). Also, there’s several ways in and out as well, which is nice.

The bad: Eh, the shelters that used to have plexiglass could stand to have it replaced! Also, why does the inbound side not have stairs? Yeah, that’s annoying.

Nearby points of interest: There’s a couple of parks, and a few businesses lining Washington Street.

Transit connections: Fairmount Line, MBTA bus (19 on Geneva Ave., 23 on Washington St.)

Overall, I like how it feels woods-y, while still being in the heart of Dorchester. That’s the kind of energy I can get behind with a Commuter Rail station in the middle of Boston. And, I dig it. But, it’s still not my personal favorite on the line.

Rating: 7.5/10


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