Guest Posts

Any guest posts will be listed here.

Want to submit a guest entry? Send me a message on Discord (codfish#4696) and request an account on this site (this will require an email). Once that is set up and I DM you your password, create a post as you would and I’ll check it, make sure all is well, and (assuming it passes my QA checks, which it probably will) give the stamp of approval.

Now, for a good chance of being accepted, I suggest:
– Pictures
– A section detailing “the good”, “the bad”, nearby locations of interest, and if applicable transit connections if doing an entry about a particular route or station. If it’s something else entirely, then this can be disregarded.
– No slurs of any nature. If I catch any slurs, expect them to be replaced, or the entry to be thrown in the reject pile.
– No harassing other people or wishing death on anyone. Please, don’t do this! It’s in bad taste!
– English, please! I might be able to understand a little bit of Spanish, but I am not proficient in it by any means. I also don’t understand any other language, maybe aside from a word or two in languages like Russian or German.
– Videos, while you can try uploading, will probably beget errors. Something about no content disposition, whatever that means. So, don’t try uploading videos unless you want to go through the hassle of sending them to me.

And yes, I will accept pretty much any jurisdiction for transit-oriented posts. So feel free to write entries on the entirity of the Maryland MTA and MARC, or the CTA in Chicago, or your own takes on CTtransit or the T. Hell, even international entries are fine by me, as are foamer and pet photodumps.