River Works (MBTA)

So, you want the train to drop you off at GE’s River Works plant? Hmm… Well, let’s see, why not build a platform there and restrict entry/exit to keycard access?

Now, to address the elephant in the room, no, I can’t actually go to River Works. This is because I’d quite literally be stranded for hours. This is because the train only stops here at peak hours, plus the near-midnight stop.

The platform is completely low-level, meaning zero accessibility whatsoever. Not even a mini-high?! Like, c’mon the rest of the Newburyport/Rockport line is high-level, so why not River Works? Do people with disabilities just simply not work there? It’s also largely barebones with a shelter more typical of bus stops than a train station.

River Works station from outbound train, April 2015.JPG
The inbound platform, from Wikipedia

The other side is pretty much…..nothing. Yeah. There’s also a road to cross the tracks. Yikes.

The good: It serves GE’s River Works plant!

The bad: If, somehow, you were able to get off and end up stranded, you’re here for a looooooong time. You can’t even walk to the main street as both sides are closed off. There’s also proposals to open it up to the public, but none have been acted upon yet. It’s also not ADA compliant. Yikes.

Nearby points of interest: None. Literally, nothing. Unless you count the GE plant.

Overall, the concept is good. But, like, just open one side up to the public. There’s an undeveloped lot and I’m sure the people in Lynn would be happy to have a train station. And put, at least, a mini-high! At least the ridership hints at the nature of this station – 27 as of 2019.

Rating: 3/10

Footnote: If I get the chance to actually visit River Works, I’ll re-write this review and likely update the rating. But, since I have to do this from an outsider’s perspective, it’s a 3 for now.


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