Various Green Line (E Branch) street stops

Alrighty, so we did Heath Street, what about the stops in mixed traffic? Well….

Fenwood Rd.
Yup, all these are also bus stops for the 39.
A passing bus (the 66)
Mission Park. What a weird-looking MBTA logo.
Riverway! Not to be confused with Riverside on the D branch.
A bus shelter!
The least-used “station” on the entire MBTA system – Back of the Hill!
See that? That’s Heath St., 30ft away from Back of the Hill!

Yeah…., not much to be said. They’re all bus signs, with the occasional shelter. At least the 39 will pull over, which the Green Line can’t do. Hell, if the GL could, it likely would’ve prevented the crash that led to someone being (non-fatally, thank God!) injured at Riverway.

The good: Ummm…., it serves a bunch of apartments?

The bad: These stations are unsafe! Unsafe enough to where people have been HIT BY VEHICULAR TRAFFIC when deboarding the Green Line at these stops! That’s even worse than Back Bay’s risk of black lung!

Nearby points of interest: Just use Heath St. instead, if you can. Or, Brigham Circle, if you’re closer to that. Or just use the 39 at these stops instead. I mean, there’s also Back of the Hill if you want to visit the least-used MBTA rapid transit “station”.

Transit connections:
Green Line (E)
MBTA bus (39, 66)

Overall, just, just don’t use these stations unless it’s a last-ditch effort. Or, if you have to, just take the 39 instead, as at least that can pull over to the stop for you.

Rating: 1.5/10


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