Union Station Shuttle

*gets out a can opener, starts opening a a CTtransit-branded can of worms*

Whelp, looks like I’ve started with the CTtransit routes. Please save me. Nevertheless, here’s the first route on this (very sizable, MBTA-sized, even) system: the free Union Station shuttle.

Looking out the rear of the bus

The quick journey starts at the Green, quickly turning down Temple Street. From here, as we pass through downtown New Haven, we passed a number of businesses and, well, the downtown, and taking another left, we progressed down George Street. There wasn’t much of anything interesting, and soon enough we were at State Street, turning, and eventually banging a U-ey, as soon as we made it to Union Station. Why a U-turn? Well, we had to face the station busway correctly.

Not the last time we’ll see this!
Not the best pic.
A parking garage along the route
State Street!
The train tracks!

The good: It’s a relatively frequent shuttle between downtown and Union Station! And, it’s free! For a station that’s relatively isolated and major, it’s an important link.

The bad: I guess the layovers can throw some people off. But, I’m more used to not being allowed on the bus during layovers, so I’ll forgive it.

Nearby points of interest: Not many. You have downtown New Haven and Union Station.

Overall, it’s a nice shuttle, and nicer that it’s free. I just don’t have much to say regarding it, but what else do you expect? Maybe it’s a good thing and a sign it does its job well.

Rating: 9.5/10


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