Milton (Mattapan Line)

Oh boy, a grade-separated station! I can’t wait to check this one out!

PCC flying towards Milton!
The general area of Milton

So, of course, we’re in an urban area, like with Central Ave. Normally there’s a set of stairs heading down to the Ashmont platform, however they were bulldozed when I was here (about 2 weeks prior!). Gee, thanks! That meant I had to go the longabout way to get onto the platform. And, when I did, it’s pretty much your standard Mattapan Line affair. You have shelters, benches, and wastebaskets. And, finally, benches under the shelter! YAY!

The station!
Mini-high and countdown clock!

The good: It’s urbanized, and the area is nice! There’s also a bus connection as well!

The bad: The Mattapan platform should have a shelter!

Nearby points of interest: A few businesses!

Transit connections: Mattapan Line, MBTA bus (217)

Overall, yeah I got nothing further to add. It’s a decent station.

Rating: 8/10


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