11 (Downtown Crossing/Broadway/City Point)

The 11 is one of Downtown Crossing’s handful of bus connections, and it runs all the way into South Boston. Riding this was my first time in Southie proper. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Boston’s urban core…

So, starting off, the 11 originates at the intersection of Chauncy and Summer Streets in the heart of downtown. Which, this section already leads to some weirdness. The 11 heading out runs via South Station and the Seaport, while into DTX it runs via Washington Street, with Broadway being where the one-way nonsense starts/ends. Speaking of which, once it reaches Broadway, it runs down West 7th Street through some very residential and quiet neighborhoods. Eventually, it reaches 8th Street, where the bulk of the ridership got off, before looping up by the area’s beaches and into the City Point bus terminal.

Oh look, Starbucks!
South Station has a BUS CONNECTION!?
Crossing the Fort Point Channel
I spy Gillette…
eww, car dependency
Oh god, more car dependency!
Entering: City Point Bus Terminal!

The good: It serves the southern part of South Boston, which is otherwise unserved! Weekday and Saturday headways are also good!

The bad: Really? Why the loop? Is it the one-way streets downtown? Also, almost-hourly headways on Sundays? Really?

Nearby points of interest: Washington Street, South Station, Broadway, Downtown, and various parks and beaches in South Boston!

Overall, it’s alright. I don’t have too much to add out of unfamiliarity with the area.

Rating: 7/10


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