New Rochelle (Amtrak/Metro-North)

New Rochelle is one of the busiest stations on Metro-North’s New Haven Line between the city limits and Stamford (this, of course, excludes Stamford, Fordham, Harlem-125th, and Grand Central). Also at the station can be found the bus terminal for Bee-Line and other things. Let’s look at it.

So, New Rochelle is honestly a nice little station. The station house looks unique in the middle of a mini-downtown with high rises and whatnot, for one. The station layout is also unique because of how the interlockings are set up. For context on this, the Northeast Corridor splits off from the line to Grand Central just past here, and the way the interlocking is set up only allows for NEC trains to cross over before the station. The platforms are pretty normal, with departure boards lining them. You also have heated waiting areas – and the station building is OPEN! Sweet! Going inside, you have MTA transit police and a ticket office, the Quik-Trak machine, and a cafe. There’s even some artwork lining the walls and a departure board. Neat! I actually ordered some food here and it’s alright, for what it is. You also have an overpass, which harbors an entrance, and the New Rochelle Transportation Center. This has a busway for Bee-Line buses, a parking garage, and a car rental facility. Why the fuck is there even a car rental facility? I don’t know, but whatever. Moving right along!

An M8!
Towards Stamford
Towards the split
Heh, nice…
Overpass shot!
Elevator shot!
The sheltered area on track 3
The New Rochelle Transit Center!
And another shot of the busway!
The ticket office!
The departure board and some art!
An M8!
A pair of M8s
Now THIS is a vibe!

The good: The station’s just so charming, being a small station headhouse in the middle of an urban center. Furthermore, even the inside is charming with the artwork being painted on the walls and AAAAAAAA IT’S JUST SO AMAZING. The platforms are also serviceable with the heated waiting areas in the cold, too. Amtrak boarding is also clearly signed, always being tracks 2 and 4. On top of all this, there’s also plenty of parking and even rental scooters from what I was told (though I didn’t see any. Thanks, David, for telling me about this!).

The bad: I can’t help but feel it’s out of place somewhat. Also, it’s up against I-95, though that’s less of an issue here. The busway also feels dingy due to being in a parking garage, so there’s that…

Nearby points of interest: Downtown New Rochelle is close by! Furthermore, you have Bee-Line buses.

Transit connections:
Amtrak (Northeast Regional)
Metro-North (New Haven)
Bee-Line (7, 30, 42, 45, 61, 62, 66)

Overall, I really find this station to be quite charming and a nice place to railfan, and quite truthfully I kinda want to come back and explore New Rochelle further in the future and check out Bee-Line Bus.

Rating: 8/10


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