Fordham Rd. (Line #4)

Alrighty, so when I came to NYC, I figured I’d have enough time to get a head start on the MTA subway network, and since I was doing Fordham (Metro-North), I figured to myself “why not do the Lexington Ave. or 6th Ave. line stops?” Well, I’ve decided on the Lexington Ave. Line stop. So, with that in mind, let’s start the MTA subway network, shall we?

Fordham Road.

Alrighty, so the platform is pretty bogstandard that one would expect. You have benches, wastebaskets, and a decently sized sheltered waiting area. The track configuration is a little unusual though, being triple tracked rather than double, however there’s a reason. This section of the system (presumably) used to host express service, and the middle track would be used for said express service. When I came here, there was trackwork on the northbound local track so all northbound Lexington trains were sent down the express, bypassing everything. And, honestly, riding through here express was AMAZING. IT WAS AT FULL SPEED, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, I digress. The station is pretty normal, you have seating, benches, countdown clocks, stairs, and elevators down to the mezzanine. In the mezzanine, you have your standard faregates (which are turnstiles and not the fold-out gates that the MBTA uses!), Metrocard ticket machines, an OMNY ticket machine, and even a station agent. Neat! Bus connections can be found at street level on Jerome Avenue and Fordham Road. It’s got some charm being an elevated viaduct, but is otherwise normal.

The northbound “uptown” platform was being bypassed today.
Looking south
I think this is an R142? Maybe an R188? An R143? An R160? They look indistinguishable! D:
Express subway car?!
I do believe I can see 183rd St. down there…
I saw fare evasion happen with the emergency exit…
Exit to Fordham Rd. and +SBS!
The mezzanine!
The Bx32!
The headhouse from street level!

The good: It’s in a populated area and is pretty damn close to a major shopping area! The #4 Lexington Ave. Line is frequent enough, being about every 10 minutes. The Bx32 is also relatively frequent for bus connections, so there’s that as well. There’s also an on-foot transfer to the station on Grand Concourse as well, but I didn’t cover that one. Sorry! Oh yeah, there’s also an OMNY vending machine here!

The bad: It can get kinda cold, and I have a hunch that things can get busy during rush hour……. It can also be a little unsafe if you’re stupid. Also, I was told that throwing gang signs around here isn’t smart, so uhhhh, don’t do that. (that should be common sense anyways)

Nearby points of interest: The many, many shops of Fordham Rd.!

Transit connections:
Lexington Ave. (4)
MTA bus (Bx12, Bx12-SBS, Bx32)

Overall, for a first station entry on the MTA subway, it’s alright. It’s got some charm being an elevated station, and I actually look forward to doing more station entries on the MTA subway. So, stay tuned in the future! 😀

Rating: 6.5/10

Oh yeah, I bought an OMNY card!

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