28 (Mattapan-Ruggles via Nubian)

Alright, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “ghetto” and “Boston” in the same sentence? Roxbury? Alright, good, we’re on the same page. Now, I don’t have any pictures for this review since this one was just before I started doing T reviews. But, I’ll try my best anyways.

Now, Taser and I boarded the bus at Mattapan after taking the Mattapan Extension (and after I had to deal with someone constantly trying to get me to follow their Instagram.) The route then begins going up Blue Hill Avenue, and it was PACKED. Mind you, this was a 60ft bendy bus! (my first time on one, too!) So, predictably, we were in a bit of a tight situation. Going up Blue Hill Ave., it was largely businesses on both sides with people getting on at essentially every stop. There was also a lady on the phone yelling loudly and going on about the other person being sick because of “white person food”. Yeah, don’t ask me about that, I don’t know either. Going further, we eventually reached Nubian Square, which oddly enough had noone getting on or off, but we kept going on down Malcolm X Boulevard (why isn’t Nubian instead named after Malcolm X, is beyond me). Soon enough, we took a right toward Ruggles Station and pulled into the station’s busway, ending the route.

The good: It’s direct and bisects a low-income neighborhood! It’s also FREE (paid by the city of Boston), though I don’t know how long it’s lasting. It also serves a lot of people, with the high frequency to boot. Plus, it’s frequent! Most one has to wait is 20 minutes, and that’s usually on weekends when service is reduced.

The bad: The fact it serves so many people can also mean, if you get claustrophobic, this route might be problematic for you. The frequent stops also means that if you’re in a rush, it might not be the best option.

Nearby points of interest: Mattapan and Ruggles, of course! There’s also the areas in between in Roxbury, if you’re into local stuff.

Overall, it’s definitely one of those routes. One that is better off in its current state, despite its flaws. And, it’s free for the time being so there’s that as well.

Rating: 8.5/10

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