Courthouse (Silver Line)

Oh my, some Silver Line stuff! So, the first stop past BOS is Courthouse. Let’s take a look. Is it overbuilt?

See ya!

So, the platforms are relatively bare, with a bench to sit on. Nothing here. The station is also construction-ridden, and enough to where I ended up somewhere where I probably shouldn’t have been in. The ceiling in the mezzanine looks nice, though.

The other side and the do not cross sign
A directory for …Logan Airport???
Oh no.
A countdown sign just past fare control

The good: It’s a direct link from downtown to the Joe Moakley Courthouse along the waterfront. I’d assume this is what most people end up using it for, that and other waterfront venues.

The bad: There’s no free crossovers (officially) in case you end up on the wrong side of the busway. Sure, you could hail Mary across the busway, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Also, the unholy amount of construction. Ridership isn’t the best either, with around 2500 weekday boardings happening here as of 2019. Not the best indicator either, but when I rode through here both times today, noone got on or off.

Nearby points of interest: Of course, there’s the Joe Moakley Courthouse. There’s also the Institute of Contemporary Art, which is probably the biggest attraction (and truthfully, should have the station renamed “Courthouse/ICA”)

Transit connections:
Silver Line (SL1, SL2, SL3, SLW)

Overall, it’s not the best Silver Line station. The biggest killer for me, construction aside, is the non-free crossover from inbound to outbound. Maybe I did it wrong, who knows. Nevertheless, it’s not the easiest station to stomach.

Rating: 5.5/10


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