Airport (Blue/Silver Line)

Wait, another airport? Yeah, apparently T.F. Green isn’t the only airport-centered station to be appearing on this site. Well, let’s dig into Logan Airport’s subway station.

The overhead wires and a subway car

First off, this station is special since it’s where the handoff between 3rd rail and the overhead catenaries happen. Second, it’s pretty nice. As a station, it’s spacious and is pretty well-lit. There’s a footbridge to cross the tracks, in standard Blue Line fashion (well, for surface stations, anyways). The main lobby area is also pretty well-lit, and one can find quite a few brochures. This also happens to be where the Massport buses board, along with the SL3 to South Station and Chelsea. Not exactly the best area, as it felt a little dingy, but whatever.

A lobby
The tracks
The busway lobby
The busway

The good: It’s a direct-ish link between Logan Airport and the Silver and Blue Lines. Well, it’s not direct, but the Massport shuttles are free, which will bring you to the airport terminals. But, if you don’t want to ride the overcrowded SL1, this seems like an alright spot to change over to the Massport buses.

The bad: I mean, I guess the busway can feel a bit dingy. Though, however, that’s because it’s under the turnpike and the East Boston Expressway.

Nearby points of interest: Well, surprisingly, there’s not just Logan Airport. In fact, the airport exclusive in this section is reserved for when I do my entry on the SL1 stops. As for near the station, while it’s still not much to ring home about, you do have two parks, a residential neighborhood, and even a stadium.

Transit connections:
Blue Line
Silver Line (SL3)
Massport shuttles

Overall, it’s a fine station and it gets the job done. And, it looks pretty too as a bonus. Maybe I’m wrong to say things would go downhill after giving Wonderland a 9.5/10, but we aren’t too far gone yet from there.

Rating: 9/10


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