Wonderland (Blue Line)

I debated whether or not I should try to quote the book Alice in Wonderland. However, since I’m not the best when it comes to literature, I decided against it. Anyways, here’s Wonderland. Winter wonderland, though? Probably not.

A Blue Line train

So, the platforms are definitely bright with natural lighting. There’s also not a lot to ring home about here. However, there’s a parking garage attached with another parking lot nearby. There’s also a pedestrian bridge attached that’ll bring one to Revere Beach, which is arguably why most people would be here (especially during the summer!). There’s also plenty of bus connections, with the busway being found in the garage. The mezzanine area with fare control is also well-lit during the daytime (and I’d presume the night too). Needless to say, they went crazy with natural light, which is a nice thing.

Helvetica bold! No smoking please!
The tracks heading westbound
The doorway on the bridge towards the Bowdoin platform and the lobby
Vleugh, dirty window!
The busway and another dirty window!

The good: It’s a big park & ride lot! There’s also pedestrian access directly to Revere Beach as well. Furthermore, there’s several bus routes, many of which go on up towards Lynn and Salem.

The bad: Well….yeah, I don’t know. I guess the lack of free crossovers, but at a terminal station, I don’t think many people will be wanting to do such a thing.

Nearby points of interest: Revere Beach is the big one! (not to be confused with the Blue Line station of the same name). There’s also an Amazon warehouse if you’re a union organizer.

Transit connections: Blue Line (terminus), MBTA bus (110, 116, 117, 411, 424, 426, 439, 441, 441/442, 442, 450, 455)

Overall, it’s not a bad station for a terminal. I really couldn’t think of anything bad, save for the lack of free crossovers. But, to be fare, not a lot of people will be looking to do that at a terminal station. With that in mind, I guess it’s downhill from here for the Blue Line, unless I come across a diamond in the rough.

Rating: 9.5/10


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