2 (CT Post Mall/The Dock)

Alrighty, the first of the Milford Transit entries! Although, chronologically the last route I’ve ridden. So, let’s look at the route.

Now unfortunately, the camera had to sit this one out (it was at 20% by the time I got to this), so no pictures for this one sadly. With that aside, let’s dig into it.

Milford Transit is kinda like GATRA in the sense it operates on a flag-stop basis. However, unlike GATRA, all three routes operate in loops, serving various parts of Milford. This route operates between the Post Mall, through northern Milford, to The Dock in Stratford, and looping back.

Leaving the bus shelter outside the train station, bus continues down New Haven Avenue, through the traffic coming off Broad Street. There were only three people total for the trip, getting on at various points, until we went up Old Gate Lane and deviated into the CT Post Mall. From here, we looped back the way we came, this time going under the Northeast Corridor, circling around the senior center (and picking up a few old people), and then going up towards US-1.

From here, it was largely a straight shot. We went down US-1, and eventually I got off at the Devon Center, checked out the area for a bit, then got the bus on the return trip to Milford Station.

The good: Well, it goes all the way out to a major shopping center in Stratford, along with a mall on the edge of Milford, all in a loop!

The bad: The headways kinda suck, though. But for a town the size of Milford, hourly headways probably are all that’s necessary – EXCEPT FOR THIS ROUTE WHERE THERE’S A THREE HOUR BREAK FROM 11AM TO 2PM!!! WHAT THE HELL?!

Nearby points of interest: Outside of downtown Milford, you have the mall, the Dock, and Devon Center.

Overall, it’s an alright route. Would be decent, even, if it weren’t for the 3 hour gap in service midday. Guess noone needs to go grocery shopping at that time!

Rating: 4.5/10


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