West Haven (Metro-North)

Oh boy, a two for one deal! Well, at least on the surface West Haven looks better than the next station over to the south. But is it?

See ya!

Alrighty, first off this place, once again, clearly gets ridership throughout the day. I think that’s going to be a common theme with Metro-North, now that I think of it. The station’s setup is quad-tracking with two sides adjacent to tracks 3 and 4. The platforms have canopies down most of their length, with what looks like a sheltered building on either end (like T.F. Green), but I didn’t check them out. Going into the crossover area, and the elevators are actually clean and don’t smell like piss. Holy crap! Metro-North schedules can be found here too.

Looking up the track towards Milford
And the other way towards New Haven!
The glass bridge. Reminds me of T.F. Green’s skywalk
It’s actually updated, too! Take that, MBTA! Oh crap, my thumb got in the shot…

From here, we can see that yet again, parking isn’t an issue and is plentiful. This area also reminds me of the Shore Line East with the brick and glass design. I swear, does the MTA actually give a shit about their stations???

Parking o’plenty!
The bridge!
The tracks towards either direction
The stairs

Lastly, there’s the waiting area. This area reminds me quite a bit of Route 128‘s with the airport terminal style. Seats are also servicable, and an MTA ticket window can be found here. When was this place built, anyways?

*googles around*

2013?! Holy crap, that new?! Well, I guess it does show. Moving along, point is that it’s definitely servicable and is quite nice.

The lobby. Had to get creative to not get any clear faces in my shot
Oh look, a Re- I mean, an Acela!

The good: It’s well-used! Also, it’s pretty damn clean for what it is, and the MTA even clearly gives a shit about the station. Parking is also aplenty and there’s a waiting area open all day too.

The bad: I mean, I can’t think of much. I guess the biggest complaint is that it’s seemingly in suburban hell, but even that is remedied by the fact there’s CTtransit connections here.

Nearby points of interest: I mean, you have West Haven. I don’t know much about the area but Google Maps would suggest there’s a Yale campus somewhat close by. It’s a little ways away from the town center, though.

Transit connections: Metro-North (New Haven Line), CTtransit (265)

Overall, it’s a nice station. However, I’d have it as a 10/10 if it were closer to West Haven’s town center, since the tracks run closer to there. Nevertheless, it’ still getting a high score.

Rating: 9/10


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