Boylston (Green Line)

Ah, Boylston. Welcome to the first of the two-oldest subway stations in the entire United States. Well, ho- OH GOD THE NOISE!!!

Yep. Boylston.

So, getting off the train, first off there’s no mezzanine area. Plus, the waiting area is a bit small to start with. I’ll also add it looks kinda dingy. But, the headhouses? It’s a time capsule, as it’s been present since the end of the 19th century. That’s the late 1800s!!! However, as nice as the station seems on paper, it’s very dingy and it’s lacking GREATLY in accessibility. Yikes. Oh yeah, the inbound side has a PCC hidden behind a fence.

Fare control!
The time capsule of a headhouse
The other side
Oh god.

Oh yeah, the station is also served by the SL5. It’s nothing special though, just a bus sign. Kinda shitty, if you ask me, actually.

Not for the SL5, but same idea.

The good: Well, it’s located in the Boston Common in downtown Boston. It’s also pretty significant historically so there’s that.

The bad: Screw you and your ADA needs! Seriously, this place has no elevator! Also, the screeching of the Green Line trains is deafening! In fact, I think I might have tinnitus and a headache now as a result. Speaking of the screeching, it’s so loud you can even hear it from OUTSIDE THE STATION. That’s a MAJOR code red.

Nearby points of interest: Boston Common is the big one! Hell, the station itself can be considered one for its historical significance.

Transit connections:
Green Line (B, C, D, E)
Silver Line (SL5)
MBTA bus (43)

Overall, just pass on this station unless absolutely necessary. Yes, it’s nice historically, but it’s dingy and deafening. Don’t go here unless you’re already deaf.

Rating: 3.5/10


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