Aquarium (Blue Line)

WHEW, is it me or does it smell like Galilee down here?! Nah, I’m just kidding, although you can catch a few wafts of the ocean. Entering: Aquarium.

…does Bowdoin not exist?

Alrighty! So, the platform is your basic affair of what you’d expect on a Blue Line station. You’ve got, of course, two sides. However, unlike much of the T, the station kinda reminds me of a WMATA station in how the ceilings and walls look. I mean, I don’t hate the WMATA’s design, it feels very representative of the Cold War era (when that system came to be), but here I feel it’s nice too. You’ve also got some nice-looking tiles on the side, with even the mezzanine having the stone tile going on. As for the mezzanine, I couldn’t check (was waiting for a train), but here’s a picture from Miles’ entry on Aquarium.

From Miles’ entry.

Now, there’s one special thing about Aquarium that most other stations (actually, all) lack: a water connection. That’s right – Aquarium is in walking distance to Long Wharf, where one can connect with the ferry. Now, hopefully I get around to doing the Charlestown and Hingham/Hull ferries this year, so stay tuned.

Towards Wonderland
and towards Bowdoin!
The train!

The good: It’s right at a major tourist site! So, predictably, most people using this station are either transferring from the ferry or they’re going to the Aquarium.

The bad: That said, it’s kinda close to State Street! I mean, I’m pretty sure most people end up using that and walking the 1/4 mile. The sole bus connection is also the weekday-only 4, which is also peak-only, at that. That blows. Oh yeah, the smell of the ocean permeates the station.

Nearby points of interest: Take a guess.

Overall, it’s decent. And, if North/South rail happens, I feel like this station would be a good place to put a downtown infill CR/Amtrak stop (a Union Station?) to terminate trains at. And, besides, it’ll give the Blue a much-needed Commuter Rail link. Just don’t let the smell of fish make you heave over and vomit onto the 3rd rail.

Transit connections: Blue Line, MBTA bus (4), Charlestown Ferry, Hingham/Hull Ferry

Rating: 7/10


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