Science Park (Green Line)

Alrighty, this entry is technically part 6 of the GLX saga, but unfortunately it had to be delayed a month due to just simply being waaaaaay too exhausted after Gilman Square and visiting East Somerville with Miles, Brooke, Jeremy, and the others. Either way, here’s the first of the final two parts to the GLX saga, 27 days after the fact.


Now, I know, it’s Science Park/West End (or Science Park Slash West End), but everyone just calls it Science Park. Of course, it’s elevated, which is always a treat. 😀

Anyways, you’ve got two elevated platforms which are rather plain and bogstandard. Stairs go down to the crossover area, and I’m pretty sure fare control is located just past the doors in said crossover area, but I didn’t have much time to check. I’ll also add, said doors and fare control is kinda tight in spacing. But, hey, at least up here you have the Charles River and a view of the North Station approach! In a sense, with how scenic it is, I’d consider this the Green Line’s Charles/MGH. If you’re foaming the Green, this is a quintessential spot, to paraphrase a friend’s opinion on here. Oh, as a fun aside, this is also the least-used fare-controlled Green Line station.

Down to Hell!
The stairs down
Type 7.
The T sign
The Zakim Bridge!
Another shot and the North Station approach drawbridge

The good: It’s located near the Museum of Science – the station’s biggest draw! It’s also near some parks.

The bad: Just one problem – it’s in the middle of the intersection! Yeah, it suffers from Charles’ biggest issue, too. Good luck!

Nearby points of interest: Guess. Just guess.

Overall, this is an alright station. It doesn’t have the modern aesthetic that Charles has, but it’s still serviceable. Just uh, good luck crossing the street.

Transit connections: Green Line (D/E)

Rating: 7/10


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