Newton Centre (Green Line)

Alrighty, alrighty, here’s the second of the two Newton stations. At least it doesn’t suck like Newtonville (or Auburndale or West Newton, for that matter). Let’s take a look at Newton Centre, aight?


So, the platform is pretty bogstandard. You got your usual shelter setup (heated & unheated), but this station has a mini-high!!! Woooo!!!! Yeah, I gotta curb the enthusiasm. However, you also got the old station building as well! Neat! So, what’s in it? Uhhh, lemme look.

*does research*

Oh, it’s vacant (as of October 2022). That’s sad. However, in the past (per Street View), there was a bar, and A DINER?! THERE WAS A DINER HERE?! HOLY SHIT! But, it wasn’t a prefab diner. So, doubly sad. But you got signage for Piccadilly Square! As for bus connections, you got the weekday-only 52. Yeah, sorry.

Looking towards Riverside!
Wow, that’s nice!

The good: The old station building is nice! Furthermore, you got quite a bit locally, and the station is accessible! It also has the usual D branch amenities.

The bad: Eh, the 52’s limiting schedule is just “vleugh” and limits any weekend bus connections.

Nearby points of interest: Shopping but more than Newton Highlands!

Transit connections:
Green Line (D)
MBTA bus (52)

Overall, this station’s still pretty nice. It’s got all the usual D branch amenities and many of the same stuff Newton Highlands has. However, I think in terms of personal preference, I prefer Newton Highlands over this station.

Rating: 8/10


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