Washington Square & St. Mary St. (Green Line)

Alrighty, the last two stations of the C branch! Let’s see what these two stations have! Meet: Washington Square and St. Mary Street!

The square itself

Washington Square and St. Mary Street are like Coolidge Corner in that they’re accessible and have a bit more in the way of amenities. However, unlike Coolidge, there’s not as much charm or character. Both stations have wider platforms, shelters, and benches on both sides, along with wheelchair lifts and level boarding. In terms of transit connections, Washington Square also has the 65, while St. Mary lacks here. These stops also remind me a bit of the E branch’s median stops, as well. Also, just like Coolidge, you also have funky-looking traffic lights. Don’t believe they’re funny-looking? Here.

Weird looking light
St. Mary’s St.! (much of the same)
Yeah, not much else to remark.

The good: They’re accessible! Furthermore, you have shelters on BOTH sides, rather than just outbound (really???). Washington Square also has a bus connection: the 65! Neat! Overall, many of the good things about the E’s median stops would apply to these two as well.

The bad: What applied to said E branch stops also apply here: Lack of countdown clocks. Except, unlike the E, no mixed traffic further up the line.

Nearby points of interest: Some shopping around both stops!

Transit connections:
Green Line (C)
MBTA bus (65, at Washington Square)

Overall, they’re alright. Serviceable, quite nice, even. There’s just not a lot to add that I haven’t mentioned yet.

Rating: 6.5/10


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