Various Green Line (C) median stops

Alrighty, now to various C branch stops! So, what’s on the menu? Let’s see: How about Hawes St., Kent St., St. Paul St., Summit Ave., Brandon Hall, Fairbanks St., Tappan St., Dean Rd., and Englewood Ave.? Yes? Alright, let’s dig into it.

Englewood Ave.!

Now, most of these stops are similar to the B’s median stops, which are copy-pastes of each other. Sadly, that’s also the case here. Some of them happen to have parking, but none of them are accessible. There’s also shelters – on the outbound side. WHY?! Now that I think of it, isn’t St. Paul St. also on the B branch?

*does research*

Huh, there IS one on the B branch! Or, there WAS, before being consolidated into Amory Street (which is half-decent). So, what happened here? I’m not sure, and I don’t want to know. Furthermore, who’s Brandon and what’s his hall? Well, it turns out with THAT one, it’s a former hotel. Nevertheless, these stops are just godawful, too close, and should be consolidated down to 1-2 stops per bunch. It’s at least slightly better than the B branch’s stops, though that doesn’t say too much.

Another stop!
Brandon Hall!

The good: Well, it’s kinda nice! I mean, you got half of Beacon Street elevated on a hill, with plenty of greenery! However, that’s only true for Summit Ave., Fairbanks St., and Brandon Hall. As for the rest of the stops, it’s still pretty peaceful, and you even get a little bit of metered parking! Neat!

The bad: There’s no accessibility!!! And, WHY ARE THERE SHELTERS ON THE OUTBOUND SIDE?! LIKE, SURE, NOONE WILL EVER WANT SHELTERING GOING INBOUND (WHICH IS A LOT OF PEOPLE!!!) Also, these stops are kinda sorry like the B branch’s street stops, though not to the same degree

Nearby points of interest: Housing, housing everywhere!

Transit connections:
Green Line (C)

Overall, they’re alright enough. Serviceable, however not a lot to remark about in general, though a bus connection to Reservoir from one of the underground stations (Back Bay, Copley, or Kenmore, perhaps?) via Beacon Street would be nice.

Rating: 5.5/10


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