Waverley (MBTA)

Alrighty, so, Waverley Square is at the end of the 73, being its only bus connection on weekends. Weekdays also has the 554 stopping and turning around here in its very deviatory (3.8 EDI!!!!!!!) route back to Newton Corner. So, what is it like?

Helvetica! And, designated area?????

Well, the station is freakin’ hideous. The salmon walls disgust me. Why are the retaining walls colored salmon red? It’s not a look that goes well here. Furthermore, they’re dirty as all hell. They could probably cover the station and turn the above area into a park and nothing of value would be lost. Well, aside from what would become copious amounts of diesel fumes. NIMBYs like to say this station is an eyesore and I’d be inclined to agree here. The stairs are covered, yes, but it’s all metal. There’s biking infrastructure. There’s also two bus shelters for the 73 and 554. Furthermore, there’s benches and wastebaskets and what appears to be a salt storage room. I’d hope, anyways, because it looks dingy as hell like the rest of the station. Did I mention this station is dingy yet? There’s also unused catenary wires above the streets. I already ranted about that in my entry on the 73. There’s some parking! The station is also inaccessible. Raise the damn platform!

Bus layover
A community path, eh?
Cycling infrastructure!
Oh dear.
Oh this is dingy.
“designated area”?! There’s no damn mini-high!
Towards Fitchburg and Wachusett!
The stairs
Oh christ.
Overhead shot
Inbound stairs and door
The fuck is that font?!

The good: It’s in a walkable area! Plus the 73 is frequent enough to supplement the Fitchburg Line as a way into Boston (or more accurately, the Red Line) while taking about as long. There’s also cycling infrastructure!

The bad: The station is ugly. It’s dingy. The walls are salmon-colored. Did I mention the dinginess and salmon walls? It’s also inaccessible. Also the unused catenary at street level. Give this sucker a power wash.

Nearby points of interest: Not much, there are some local businesses but nothing stood out.

Transit connections:
Commuter Rail (Fitchburg)
MBTA bus (73, 554)

Overall, this station needs a power wash. Maybe repaint it too. Did I mention how ugly it is? It’s pretty ugly. Also, raise the platforms.

Rating: 3/10


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