Waltham (MBTA)

WALTUH! Wait, Waltham? Ohhhhh….okay! Well, here’s Waltham. It’s currently barely past midnight and here I am rambling about a Commuter Rail station in one of the inner suburbs of Boston. Whoop de doo! Here we go!


First off, the station layout. It’s weird. Why are there two platforms? Why are they on the same track, at that? Why were they too lazy to double track and/or viaduct? Oh well, whatever. Both have mini-highs at least, along with the same amenities (wastebaskets, dot matrix signs, benches, shelter). Furthermore, the outbound platform also has parking. It’s also at the outbound platform where the track split into two. Cool! Furthermore, you also have Central Square (the third in the Boston area, after Cambridge and Lynn????). Buses are found here as well, with the 61, 70, 505, 553, 554, 556, and 558 all stopping here. Unfortunately, most are weekday-only. Oh well! The inbound platform also has cycling infrastructure as well.

The mini-high
I hate these signs.
The looooooooooong platform
The Charles and beyond!
Towards Fitchburg & Wachusett!
A bus shelter
Crossing gates
The other mini-high
Cycling infrastructure!
Central Square!
Waltham Tower!
The mini-high!
Don’t mind me, wanting a quick trip to jail!
Hostile benches!
Another shot of Waltham Tower

The good: It’s in Waltham’s town center! Furthermore, it’s a major transfer between local buses and the 505 express bus. Waltham Tower is pretty cool, too. Also, bus connections aplenty.

The bad: Most of said connections are weekday-only. Furthermore, I hate the platform layout. Why, just WHY?! JUST USE A SINGLE TRACK!!! TRAINS CAN’T PASS ANYWAYS!

Nearby points of interest: There’s a visitor’s center! The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation is also nearby.

Transit connections:
Commuter Rail (Fitchburg)
MBTA bus (61, 70, 505, 553, 554, 556, 558)

Overall, this station is weird. Plus, double track the damn thing! It’d help a lot! Hell, elevate it even!!! Just, do SOMETHING to axe this bottleneck. OR MAYBE EVEN JUST CONSOLIDATE THE TWO PLATFORMS INTO ONE!!!

Rating: 5/10


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