Woodland (Green Line)

Alrighty, we’re pretty far out for this one. In fact, we’re so far out, we’re pretty much in MWRTA territory. I repeat, we’re in turf that the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority operates on!!! Yeah, that’s how you know you’re far out, when the MBTA themselves don’t run normal buses out here. Nevertheless, welcome to Woodland!

Helvetica, pretty far out at that!

So, what’s special about Woodland? Well, it’s pretty much one of two stations where MBTA and MWRTA overlap (the other being Waban). Bus connections here include the 1 (MWRTA, not MBTA) and the Catch Connect. As for the Green Line platforms, there’s not a lot, as you have a bus shelter and a heated shelter with a CharlieCard machine. Neat! The area itself doesn’t have a lot going on, just some TOD, a hospital, and a few country clubs. There’s also an unassuming ramp entrance on Washington Street as well. Plus, I’ll have to admit this station felt quite relaxing to be in/around. There’s also a parking garage nearby, neat! So, park & ride, anyone?

Eh, this didn’t come out well
We’re REALLY far from the T now!

The good: You got your MWRTA! Also, a copious amount of parking in the offchance Riverside is overflowing. Furthermore, TOD! Woohoo! Also, sheltered area!

The bad: Eh, I don’t have a lot here.

Nearby points of interest: Country clubs and a nearby hospital! Also, MWRTA! Yeah, not a lot of decent land use here.

Transit connections:
Green Line (D)
MWRTA (1, Catch Connect)

Overall, this is probably one of the best stations on the D branch. Furthermore, it’s got MWRTA!

Rating: 8.5/10


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