Chestnut Hill (Green Line)

Wait, didn’t we already do Chestnut Hill? Oh, oh, oh, that’s Chestnut Hill AVENUE! Oh, okay! Well, at least this one is guaranteed to be a better station. Let’s look at this station, I guess.


Well, there’s not a lot here. You’ve got some parking, a glass heated shelter, and a wood unheated shelter. Countdown clocks also exist! However, no level boarding. Furthermore, it’s nice and quiet as well. It’s also pretty deep in a residential neighborhood, so there’s that as well. Woohoo!


The good: Okay, I lied. Technically this station is accessible on paper, somewhat. It’s got a lift! Furthermore, it’s got some parking if (for whatever reason) you drive in. Also, it’s got a heated waiting area in typical D branch fashion. However, there’s no tactile safety strip, so yeah.

The bad: It’s not fully accessible. No tactile safety strip. If there were more snow and it wasn’t clear, I’d probably have a harder time finding the tracks and know when to stop moving towards them. But, mostly accessibility here.

Nearby points of interest: Eh, not a lot here. Route 9 has some stuff, but do you really want to walk there?

Transit connections:
Green Line (D)

Overall, I’m indifferent towards this and most of the stations. It’s alright and serviceable, but there’s nothing much that stands out here.

Rating: 6.5/10


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