Brookline Village (Green Line)

Ah, the other Brookline station. First, we had a brand spankin’ new high school above the Green Line ROW (thank God they don’t use diesel-powered LRVs!), let’s see what Brookline Village has going for it!

Onwards to Govvy!

Of course, you have the usual stuff of the D branch, you’ve heard it from me a million times already. Shelters, heated area, benches, trash bin, and a small amount of parking. There’s a mini-high here as well, for accessibility! And, just like Brookline Hills, you got a bus connection. This time, it’s the 60 towards the Chestnut Hill Mall, on the side street closest to the inbound platform. Neat! There’s also a bit of shopping and restaurants in the area in general, so there’s that as well.

To Riverside!
A mini-high!
BUS connection.
Some local stuff

The good: You’ve got the usual D branch stuff! Plus, bus connection on Pearl Street! Also, there’s some parking locally, along with some businesses on Boylston Street and Station Street.

The bad: Eh, there’s not a lot wrong here, though it’s doesn’t come off as “quiet” as Brookline Hills. I guess that’s my biggest gripe.

Nearby points of interest: There’s a few local businesses, but none of them immediately stuck out to me. Town Hall is nearby as well, as are a few parks.

Transit connections:
Green Line (D)
MBTA bus (60 on Pearl St., 65 & 66 on Washington St.)

Overall, it’s also an alright station, but it just doesn’t stand out as much as Brookline Hills did. Furthermore, it just didn’t feel as peaceful as the next station over westbound.

Rating: 8/10


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