Cedar Grove (Mattapan Line)

And now, the last Mattapan Line station! Well, how bad is it? It’s…..actually alright. It’s no Bowdoin, Harvard, Malden Center, or Fenway, but it holds up pretty well at least!

The area by the station!
The station!
The Ashmont platform!

And yes, it’s the same as usual. Shelter, benches, wastebaskets on the Ashmont platform. Mattapan platform lacks shelters, and both sides have mini-highs for accessibility. Yeah, not a lot here. However, you can at the least get a few nice shots of PCCs cresting the incline to Ashmont. Neat!

Here comes an old lad!

The good: It’s quiet! Furthermore, there’s bus connections (if you walk a little) as well!

The bad: Eh, most people are probably going to use Ashmont. But also, add a shelter on the Mattapan platform!!!

Nearby points of interest: Eh, not much.

Transit connections:
Mattapan Line
MBTA bus (215, at Gallivan Blvd.)

Overall, it’s a good station. Yeah, sorry, not a lot to note on this one, but at least we end on a good note.

Rating: 7.5/10


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