Savin Hill (Red Line)

Ah, NOW we’re at the Red Line’s least-used station! Wait, oh no…

This looks cursed…

So, the platforms are kinda small, to start with. But, at least there’s the usual amenities one would expect, along with elevator access from both Savin Hill Ave. and Sydney Street. Furthermore, only Ashmont trains stop here, with Braintree trains (ideally) whizzing past, and the Old Colony trains roaring past at 50mph. The walkway is fully glass too, which is nice, and even indoor waiting. Neat! Actually, this entire station feels modern! When was it remodelled?


2005?! Holy crap! This feels more akin to a mid 2010s station ala Assembly, not 2005! Whelp, another point for Savin Hill! Oh yeah, there’s also parking.

Oh god.
The walkway!
And the other way!
The headhouse!
The other headhouse
Oh yeah, the Commuter Rail runs express!
And another one!
And an F40PH!

The good: It’s modern! You also have plenty of parking (which, it’s a residential area, you shouldn’t need much), and the mezzanine areas are well-lit from sunlight alone due to being glass. It’s also alright for railfanning the Old Colony Lines, I guess.

The bad: Ehhhhhh, signage would be nice on Savin Hill Ave. Actually, same with Sydney St. as well, for that matter. The platforms also feel small.

Nearby points of interest: There’s a few restaurants and parks nearby!

Transit connections: Red Line

Overall, it’s an alright station. Yeah, it’s not the best, but it’s serviceable and isn’t a major safety hazard or anything. As a fun aside, it’s the least-used Red Line station as well! Neat!

Rating: 7/10


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