Fields Corner (Red Line)

Next stop up, sandwiched between two relatively quiet stations, is Fields Corner! Fields Corner is the terminus for a couple bus routes, and it’s elevated! Neat! Let’s look.


So, the platforms are your standard Red Line affair of benches, wastebaskets, and signage. Furthermore, it’s completely sheltered, and you can even see a busway from the inbound platform! Neat! A few buses terminate or run through here, mostly to Quincy. Also, I’m not exactly sure why, but why does the busway not go out to Dorchester Avenue, requiring a maneuver to Geneva Ave.? Weird, but whatever. The mezzanine was also pretty fancy, and the lighting even had some red accents to go along with the Red Line theming. Neat! I also generally like how it’s elevated overall, since they’re a rarity on the MBTA. As another nice touch, you have an old-school sign pointing to the station on Dorchester Avenue! Just uhhh, be careful with the stairs if you’re walking up them.

The platform
The mezzanine! You can’t tell here, but the light fixtures did have a red accent!
The headhouse!
Here comes a train!
Old-school sign!

The good: It’s elevated and stands out as such! Also, the old sign, the sheltering on the platform, and the mezzanine in general are all nice!

The bad: The busway seems inefficient. Also, the stairs are a tripping hazard with inconsistent sizing! I almost fell here!

Nearby points of interest: You got Dorchester and Geneva Avenues, and their associated businesses!

Transit connection: Red Line, MBTA bus (15, 17, 18, 19, 201, 202, 210, 215)

Overall, I like this station, however, those stairs are a tad bit problematic. The busway setup is also annoying, but aside from those it’s decent enough.

Rating: 6.5/10


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