Long Wharf (MBTA)

Well, it’s an MBTA station, and it has the T sign in some form. So, guess duty calls to where I’m reviewing literal piers. Whelp, meet Long Wharf.

The bus stop

So, Long Wharf is the “water transportation” in Aquarium’s door announcement where it says “bus connection and water transportation”. So, what about the bus connection? Well, there’s just the 4 at peak hours only. Even then, you have to walk a bit to reach the northern dock, where the Hingham/Hull and East Boston ferries board, while the southern dock is where the Charlestown ferry boards. Likewise, the Salem and Winthrop ferries, which are ran by their respective municipalities, also board here, but are not under MBTA jurisdiction. As for amenities, you really only have a bench on the north dock, while the southern dock has the customer service booth where tickets can be bought.

One ferry!
The other dock!
Eh, it’s not exactly Helvetica…
Yeah, no, that’s not the Charlestown ferry.

The good: It’d be a bit nicer if signage was clearer or stood out more. There’s also benches, which is nice.

The bad: It’s kinda barebones! I mean yeah, it’s a ferry terminal, but it’d be nice if there was an indoor waiting area and with some kind of automated announcement! Or hell, even manual announcements with a loud enough PA system! How was I supposed to know the last picture was the East Boston ferry given the signage didn’t stand out?!

Nearby points of interest: It’s on the edge of the North End, with the New England Aquarium right there.

Transit connections:
MBTA ferry (Charlestown, Hingham/Hull, East Boston)
MBTA bus (4)
Blue Line (at Aquarium)

Overall, it’s a ferry terminal, and an average one at that. There’s not a lot to talk about, and it’s fairly barebones.

Rating: 4/10


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