Fairmount (MBTA)

Alrighty, the Fairmount Line’s namesake! Well, let’s see how it holds up vs. the rest of the line. Is it a decent place? Is it dogshit? Well, let’s find out.


So, getting off the train it’s clear that it’s OLD. In essence, the oldest station on the entire line (second to Readville), given it’s still with mini-highs. That also means ALL offpeak trains board at the puny-sized platform. Yikes. But, for amenities, you have some parking, a CharlieCard reader (yay!), some signage, wastebaskets, benches, and even departure boards. Neat! Furthermore, the ramps ACTUALLY DROP YOU AT THE MINI-HIGHS, RATHER THAN FORCING A NEEDLESSLY LONG WALK! Did I mention from here to South Station is also only $2.40 (a subway fare)? As for crossing over, it’s pretty easy: just use the ramps and Fairmount Avenue. Bus connections are found a block over on either side of the tracks.

The tracks!
That looks old!
The other platform, again!
The CharlieCard reader!
Ooh, art!
Fairmount Avenue, towards the bus connections
And the other way!
One deadhead to Readville!
See ya later!

The good: It’s cheaper, has a shorter ramp unlike Hyde Park, and just has more service! It’s also got a CharlieCard reader unlike most other zone 1A stations, which is a nice bonus! Also, it’s got a proper departure board. And, also, parking.

The bad: Would be nice if it were a full-length high platform!

Nearby points of interest: Just like Hyde Park, this one’s close by to Cleary Square.

Transit connections:
Commuter Rail (Fairmount)
MBTA bus (24)

Overall, for what it is, it’s pretty darn good for a station. It gets a decent amount of service throughout the day, is in a largely walkable area, and has a transit connection (which I’ll be looking at some time). So, will the rest of the line beat it? I don’t know, so stay tuned for that.

Rating: 7.5/10


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