Morton St. (MBTA)

Alrighty, next stop is Morton Street! Well, well, well, is this any decent like Fairmount is? Let’s look.


So we have a station in Mattapan, fully high level, has insanely long ramps (long enough to need a bench?!), signage, entrances without any easy way to cross the namesake street (4 lanes?!), and a DUNKIES nearby! Well, this is actually kinda sweet! It’s also got a red dot matrix sign in place of a departure board, which I swear sometimes looks like it’s flickering from afar. Bah, whatever, I’m sure it’s no biggie. Also, the wastebaskets read “Pitch In”. Neat. There’s also history on some of the signs, as well.

Track shot!
Needlessly long ramp and secondary entrance
Welcome to DIE!
BUS connection.
That’s a long ramp!
Pitch in, please!
Deadheading HSPEEE

The good: It’s got full length highs and some amenities!

The bad: Why is there no crosswalk at the station itself? Furthermore, why is there a lack of benches? Yeah, that’s very annoying.

Nearby points of interest: Eh, not a lot aside from a few businesses.

Transit connections:
Commuter Rail (Fairmount)
MBTA bus (21, 26)

Overall, it’s an alright station. It’s serviceable, but it’s certainly not the best one out there. Next!

Rating: 7/10


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