Talbot Ave. (MBTA)

Next stop: Talbot Avenue! Is there even anything different about this one? Well…..


So, the platform is pretty much a bogstandard Fairmount Line affair: some sheltered bits, a CharlieCard reader, history, wastebaskets (don’t forget to pitch in!), and some benches along with a yellow dot matrix sign. There’s also an anemic (even for Fairmount Line standards!) amount of parking, and a kiss & ride area on the inbound side. And, I think I might’ve also seen some poop, needles, and probably even some mildew here too. (yeah, I’m not sure about the mildew, but I definitely do recall seeing needle caps and some dookie). Either way, it’s not exactly the safest-feeling place to wait (given an emergency call box was knocked over didn’t inspire any confidence either), but it’s not too terrible though. Oh yeah, the 22 and 45 stop here too. Neat.

Platform shot!
The mostly barren platform with the tracks towards Newmarket and Uphams Corner
The (VERY LONG) ramp!
Yep. That’s it for parking.
Bus shelter!
There’s also a bench halfway up the ramp!
Another entrance to a more residential area
Another ramp, though not as long
A hi-rail truck?!
Talbot Avenue at street level

The good: Despite being in not the best of neighborhoods, it actually feels pretty peaceful. Like, I genuinely think I’d be fine chilling here railfanning for an entire afternoon despite the less than pleasant nature of the general area. Furthermore, there’s some bike racks as well (but no Pedal & Park sadly!), and the bus connections are relatively frequent.

The bad: POOP, NEEDLES, AND MILDEW! (okay I’m not so sure about the mildew, but definitely poop and needle caps!) So uh, watch your step here! (even though the needle caps were entirely in mulch beds). Furthermore, no stairs? I know it’s weird but stairs would be a lot faster than a long ramp.

Nearby points of interest: There’s a park!

Transit connections: Fairmount Line, MBTA bus (22, 45)

Yeah, it’s probably the 2nd-biggest stinker after Readville. Just be mindful of any needles though, please!

Rating: 6/10


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