Gloucester (MBTA/CATA)

Alrighty, so, West Gloucester was a disappointment? But, how does normal Gloucester stack up? Well, for one, it’s in downtown and has multiple bus connections. Actually, this is pretty good! Let’s look!


So, unlike West Gloucester, Gloucester is single-tracked. Also unlike West Gloucester, it isn’t barebones! You have a bus shelter for CATA buses, wastebaskets, red dot matrix signs, SHELTER (even on the mini-high!!!!!), a crossing to the parking lot, wastebaskets, and did I mention it’s in the middle of downtown? Oh yeah, HORNS for the railfans! Neat! This is easily among my favorites! Plus, to top it off, Gloucester itself is actually a nice seaside town, and is a popular tourist destination during the spring and summer months on Cape Ann.

To Rockport with you!
And looking towards North Station!
The mini-high!
The low-level section!
And more of Gloucester!

The good: It’s in downtown Gloucester! Furthermore, you have amenities, sheltered mini-highs, bus connections, and it’s in a walkable area! YAY!

The bad: It’s a mini-high and there’s a grade crossing to the parking lot. Vleugh. Two pet peeves.

Nearby points of interest: Downtown and the beaches! Also, wherever CATA can take you!

Transit connections: Commuter Rail (Rockport Line), CATA (Blue/Lanesville, Orange/Gloucester Xing-Business Express, Stage Fort Shuttle, Saturday Mall)

Overall, I like this station. Like, it’s personally a favorite of mine and I like Gloucester as a town. Now that I think of it, I need to visit this place further. Fortunately, that’s when I’ll be doing the CATA bus network. Stay tuned for that! (eventually…)

Rating: 8/10


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