West Roxbury (MBTA)

Okay, okay, I’m sure some of the uninformed people reading this are freaking out. “YOU VISITED WHERE?!” Yes, I visited West Roxbury. Keyword: WEST. Normal Roxbury (Ruggles/Northeastern, Nubian, Washington St. to name some areas) is more known as a “bad” part of town (it really isn’t that bad if you have any semblance of common sense), at least if you ask a suburbanite like my parents or my stepdad. WEST Roxbury, is the complete opposite of what suburbanites think Roxbury is. West Roxbury is essentially suburbia in its own right. So, let’s take a look at it, shall we?

See ya!

So, West Roxbury is actually quite a pleasant station. You can get some nice train shots here, as the leaves turn color. You have benches and wastebaskets, along with red dot matrix signage. While you don’t have seating on the mini-high, you do have a sheltered area towards the far end of the low-level platform. There’s even bicycle infrastructure present! Neat! You also have plenty of parking to go around as well. Beyond all this, you have a ballfield nearby and Millennium Park isn’t too far away either. Overall, a pretty nice little station with little in the way of flaws outside of line-wide issues.

The mini-high!
The platform from a little ways back
The track’s crossing
This picture was almost 10 megabytes in size. And it still didn’t get the red signage well.
Bicycle infrastructure!
Sheltered seating!
Towards Boston!
BUS connection

The good: Well, it’s balls-deep in suburbia, to put it lightly! And, a relatively dense suburban neighborhood at that, surprisingly given this is technically Boston proper. Plus, maybe it’s just me, but the way the scenery looks in the fall makes for good photos out here as well. The 37 is also relatively frequent!

The bad: It’s got your usual Needham Line issues: long platform with a relatively barren mini-high, far from any station entrance.

Nearby points of interest: Millennium Park is the big one!

Transit connections: Commuter Rail (Needham), MBTA bus (37)

Overall, this is a really nice station, just that it suffers from many of the same issues of the Needham Line at-large, but aside from those it has no issues unique to here. So, way to go West Roxbury!

Rating: 8/10


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