Hersey (MBTA)

So, remember in my Needham Junction entry, at the very end, I noted how it might be my favorite station on the line, unless Hersey proved to be a 10/10, and how I had doubts that Hersey would get a 10/10? Well…….about that……….


So, Hersey is located in Needham (though is not considered “the Needham trio/quartet” as it doesn’t have the town’s name in the station naming.), and in the Bird’s Hill neighborhood. In fact, historically speaking, this station used to be named Bird’s Hill, however they renamed it in 1980 in honor of a Needham selectman who was an outspoken advocate with regards to the Commuter Rail. While it is not concrete info, he (allegedly) pushed to keep the Needham Line open while the Commuter Rail was going through serious trouble in the 1960s. Eventually, he was recognized for his work by having Bird’s Hill renamed for him, and F40PH Screamer #1000 was dedicated in his name as well. So, what’s his station like? Well….actually great!


The mini-high actually has stuff on it, unlike the other stations on the line. No dot matrix signage, but you DO have wastebaskets and benches! Neat! Furthermore, you have not one but TWO crossings to the parking lot on the opposite side of the tracks. Yes, there’s TWO parking lots! One side is on the platform side with stairs leading to it. The other is the accessible lot, with two crossings (or a crossing with stairs on the other end of the platform). You also have a red dot matrix sign as well. Neat! Going up to the north parking lot, you have plenty of parking to go around (I’m sure, with this being the most-used station on the line, it fills up on weekdays) and….a payphone and bus shelters?! Woah! That’s neat! There’s even a Dunkin’ nearby!

The mini-high
One of the crossings
Towards Needham Heights!
Towards Boston!
The lower parking lot
Golf club!
The other crossing
Red dot matrix signage
Outdated as usual.
Absolutely empty on weekends.
They should change the station’s Wikipedia picture to this.
I think I can see Needham Junction!
And back to Boston I go!

The good: You’ve got a lot of housing in the walkshed! Furthermore, there’s some businesses nearby, and it’s a sizable parking sink for the Needham Line. This is moreso given its proximity to I-95 as well. Neat! It’s also relatively quiet, being in a golf course, if that’s your thing.

The bad: Ehhhhh…an upgrade to a proper departure board could be nice, but not necessary…

Nearby points of interest: There’s a golf club!

Transit connections:
Commuter Rail (Needham)

Overall, I really like this station and is easily my favorite on the entire line. Like, it’s so quiet!!! I like how peaceful it feels and relatively remote vs. the town center vibes at the end of the line. It’s also got most things one would reasonably need, and it’s also a decently sized park & ride as well!

Rating: 9.5/10


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