28 (Broadway/Hartford Ave.)

If the 27 brought us down Manton Ave. to Centerdale, surely the 28 would do something similar, right? …right???

Nope. The 28 instead terminates at a Stop & Shop in Johnston, via Hartford Ave. and a Market Basket deviation. Let’s dig into it, shall we?

The route begins at bus stop W, on the far side of Kennedy Plaza. From here, we pull out and head towards the Dunk. Passing over I-95 and US-6/RI-10, we go down Broadway through Federal Hill and, eventually, Olneyville. It’s in Olneyville that the 27 splits off and heads down Manton Avenue. Meanwhile, the 28 turns down Hartford Avenue towards Johnston.

Federal Hill!
The construction at the 6/10 split

From here, it was largely suburban to the very end. We passed by a number of houses and shops on the way down Hartford Ave., as well as other facilities like a charter school. It’d also be here that we passed a very old-looking Dollar Tree, as we passed Killingly Street. Soon enough, we’d pass Route 6 again for the last time on this route.

Some housing lining Hartford Ave.
A gas station!
Look, a Dollar Tree!
Route 6…..again.

Eventually, we deviated! And, into the wonderful land of Market Basket, at that! From here, the route then continues down Hartford Ave. It then turns left down Atwood Ave. and deviates into the Stop & Shop nearby, marking the end of the route.

Holy stroad Batman…

The good: It’s direct! It’s a way for people downtown to get to Johnston, as well as Stop & Shop and Market Basket, in a direct manner. And, on the inverse, it’s a direct way for people in Johnston to get to downtown. It also deviates into Market Basket, which is a plus. Quite a few people also use it, with it having an average of 1365 daily riders as of 2019.

The bad: Hmm, I guess the fact that it can become delay-ridden when school begins and ends due to the endless stream of school buses is probably the worst thing about this.

Nearby points of interest: The Dunk! Also, Olneyville! It also has Market Basket (and, as of 6/1/22, is the only RIPTA route that directly serves the front door of one, though this will change when the summer service changes go into effect on the 18th). Lastly, Stop & Shop! However…..there isn’t much else.

Overall, it’s what a key bus route should be: straightforward and direct. It’s not as busy as some of the others (like the 1), but not all decent key bus routes have to be packed 24/7. Besides, sometimes it’s nice to take a bus ride out to Market Basket and back.

Rating: 8/10


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