32 (Wampanoag Trail/Seekonk Sq.)

Alright, so the 34 went the long and indirect way to Seekonk, let’s see if the indirect-ness is just as bad with its sister route, the 32.

So long, Seekonk!

Leaving Seekonk Square, the route turns….left??? Interesting choice, RIPTA. We then turned down School Street, and eventually the Wampanoag Trail and ooh, we’re express- oh, it’s only until the next exit. That’s sad. Apparently some trips deviate here into the Citizens Bank facility, but this one didn’t. So, moving right along down the Wampanoag Trail.

Look, a Dollar Tree!
We’re almost express!
The expressiness didn’t last long 🙁
The freeway
Some housing

We turned up onto Pawtucket Avenue, and instead of continuing down, we took a left down a side street. Weird choice, again. From here, we went up South Broadway and turned left down Warren Ave. Then, we followed the same routing as the 34 up Valley Street and Massasoit Avenue, and across the Henderson Bridge and the East Side. However, since a truck was blocking Thayer Street (rendering the bus in such a way where there wasn’t enough space to turn), we detoured down the hill. Soon enough, we were at Kennedy Plaza.

Some more housing
Don’t touch!
Interstate 195
And the freeway again!
Undeveloped land
A side street
The river from the Henderson Bridge
Finally, the East Side!
Another side street. But this time, with traffic lights!

The good: It’s more direct than the 34, that’s for sure! And there’s fewer deviations! It’s also a little more straightforward!

The bad: …why does it go left instead of right? There’s no stops in Massachusetts either way, save for Seekonk Square, South Attleboro, and the Pettine Transit Center. Furthermore, why does it go down a random street, or go up South Broadway when it could just go down Veterans Memorial Parkway? Certainly some headscratchers here.

Nearby points of interest: Seekonk Square! There’s also East Providence and the East Side.

Overall, I have to give it credit for not being as awkward as the 34. Yeah, there’s some headscratchers for turns, but it’s not as time-consuming as the 34’s deviations. However, unlike the 34, it’s not too ridden with only 300 daily riders as of 2019.

Rating: 6/10


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