80 (Armistice Blvd.)

So, I guess one can consider this a part 2 to the 76’s post. This route largely mirrors the 76, however instead of going up Central Ave., it goes up Armistice Boulevard. To get here, I walked down Daggett Avenue from its stop on Central Ave., to the Armistice Boulevard stop.


So, starting off, the route starts at Slater Park and then continues to where I got on. Fortunately, it isn’t that much I missed. When I got on, we kept going down Armistice Boulevard. Nobody got on until the CVS at Newport Avenue, where one can transfer with the 35. Eventually we got to George Bennett Highway, banged a left, and went down it.

Where I waited
Mixed case in Pawtucket?!
Someone’s house
Another side street!
A building and parking lot
Who was George Bennett, anyways?

Eventually, we hooked a right down Columbus Avenue and passed McCoy Stadium. Normally there’d be a special shuttle service, however that’s reserved for ball games – and McCoy Stadium isn’t occupied by any baseball teams anymore, either. Nevertheless, we went left down Pond Street and right down Summit Street. This area was the most-used part of the route. From here, we went down Walcott Street to Exchange Street, where a left turn later brought us to the Pawtucket Visitors Center.

A parking lot
McCoy Stadium
The source of most of the 80’s ridership
The freeway!

The good: It’s a direct link between downtown Pawtucket and Slater Park!

The bad: …that most people have no reason to use. Essentially noone’s gonna be using this route when it runs every 1 and a half hours, AND shares the same lone bus that the 76 gets. Also unlike the 76, no weekend service! No, no, no! I’m sure if this and the 76 were decoupled, it’d be a much better route. Hell, even as things stand, noone would still use the 80 because, face it, most people in the area between Slater Park and McCoy Stadium (i.e. most of the route) have cars and can drive, and almost certainly prefer that.

Nearby points of interest: …not a lot. Slater Park, is the only one still open.

Overall, why? Just, why? Why can’t the McCoy Stadium-downtown section just be an extension of the 76, with the areas between the stadium and Slater Park being axed entirely? Unless I’m wrong – and very wrong, at that, noone, NOT EVEN A SOUL, uses the route out there and would be better served by a direct connection to Providence.

Rating: 2/10


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